Boat Preparation


Boat Preparation.

Boat Preparation can suck the fun out of owning a boat.

Owning a boat should be all about relaxing, spending time with those who matter, and unwinding. Preparing your boat for the season is a headache and we do not want it to take away any of the pleasure that your boat has to offer. This is why we are offering boat preparation services.

Boat Preparation
Stress Free

We do the heavy work, so you can relax.

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Boutique Service

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Our Boat Preparation Services.

Our boat preparation service includes, among others:

  • hull sanding,
  • base coat and antifouling supply and painting,
  • inboard and outboard engine service,
  • boat polishing,
  • boat cleaning
  • stainless steal polishing
  • towing and launches

Speak to us today to learn how you can spend less time maintaining your boat, and more time enjoying it!