Launches & Towing


Boat Launches & Towing

A delicate process that requires experience.

Whether you own a boat trailer or not, we can tow your point from anywhere to your desired location.  We can make use of your personal boat trailer or provide our trailers for the job.  We can tow your boat from anywhere as far as North Italy to Malta, or simply from your boat yard in Malta to your favourite launch spot.

Boat Launches And Towing
Stress Free

We do the heavy work, so you can relax.

Quality First

If its not quality, its not on Prestige Nautica.


Most customers, become our friends.

Boutique Service

A small business with a focus on excellence.


Our team has decades of experience in towing and launching boats carefully and professionally. This is a job that may seem easy but we have also witnessed many unprofessional boat launches that ended in a disaster. Our team handles boat launches with great care and we treat your boat as if it were ours.

We provide all the necessary tools and equipment that may be necessary for the job. In fact, we do not recommend that our clients invest money in boat trailers and equipment in view that boat launches and towing are events that typically take place once or twice a year. Let the professionals handle it.

Speak to us today to learn how you can spend less time maintaining your boat, and more time enjoying it!